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Dan Avraham

Three years after completing his military service with the Israeli Army, Dan Avraham was called back to duty by an emergency order issued when Hezbollah paramilitary forces fired rockets at Israeli border towns in July 2006. With six hours notice, he joined his platoon in the 34-day military conflict, referred to in Israel as the Second Lebanon War. During the war, Avraham’s platoon sought shelter in a building and was struck by two anti-tank missiles. “We all got injured and nine were killed,” says Avraham, who still battles those injuries. His eardrums were ruptured and his hearing was impaired. He has also needed surgery to repair damage to a leg and wrist. He uses photography as a form of therapy. “I get to express and share with other people things I myself don’t fully understand,” he says.


Lebanon 2

8.27 x 11.69 in.

Digital Art / Photograph

Avraham digitally altered photos from the Second Lebanon War to create a comic book narrative that captures his experience the night his platoon was struck by two anti-tank missiles. The linear format intensifies the drama of the night in which nine of his fellow soldiers were killed.