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Mark Dahl, MD

Dr. Mark T. Dahl, served as a medic in the Army National Guard from 1969-1975. Figurative sculpture provides an expression of ideas and events that, hopefully, speaks for itself. Now an orthopaedic surgeon in Stillwater and St. Paul, Minnesota, he treats children and adults with congenital and traumatic limb deformities, including those who have been injured as combatants or civilians in war-torn countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur and Cambodia. “The horrors of war are indisputable. Often unrecognized are the altogether innocent victims of war, the civilian casualties”, he says.

Duty to All

27 x 10 x 10 in.

Bronze on Marble

This bronze sculpture, which depicts an American surgeon holding a child who was injured during a conflict, “honors and represents the American standard of highest care for all injured in war,” Dr. Dahl says. The piece shows the compassion and skill that surgeons provide for all war victims.