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Timothy Floyd, MD

Anticipating that the military would soon need physicians, Dr. C. Timothy Floyd joined the U.S. Army Reserve shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. When he was sent to Iraq in 2003, he brought along his camera. “I knew I would be witnessing significant historical events and that, as a surgeon, I would be involved in these events at their most intimate and visceral levels – figuratively and literally,” Dr. Floyd says. Many of his photographs were taken while traveling by convoy. “We were told to expect intense house-to-house urban combat in Baghdad with high casualty rates. Luckily that did not materialize, although it did later in places like Fallujah and Baqubah. Rather, we experienced a series of very human, universal tragedies and triumphs that presented themselves to us in completely unexpected ways,” he says. The camera merely captured them.

Capt. Moore Recovers Wounded Woman in the Post-Op Area

7 x 7 in


This photograph, taken in April 2003, captures a young woman who had been wounded by shrapnel from mortar fire. She was recovering from abdominal surgery in the tent of the 934th Forward Surgical Team. “The medical tent was dim because we didn’t have windows and if we raised the side panels, too much dust blew in,” Dr. Floyd says.