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Susan Etcoff-Fraerman

Susan Etcoff Fraerman’s work focuses on contemporary issues that have touched her deeply. One that is close to her heart is the universal suffering of families who have or have had soldiers in combat. “As a mother and a grandmother, my heart goes out to all who are waiting and praying for their loved ones to return to them from battle whole and intact – both physically and emotionally,” Fraerman says. Her husband, Samuel H. Fraerman, MD, was 25 years old when he was sent to Salerno, Italy, during World War II to treat patients at the 16th Evacuation Hospital, a 750-bed hospital a few miles behind the front line. He returned safely, but has never forgotten treating soldiers horribly maimed by shrapnel, shells and mortars. “The stories of his experiences and the heroism of the soldiers in his unit have been indelibly printed in his mind and heart and shared with all of us,” Fraerman says of her husband.


Return to Home

15 x 24 x 14 in.

Mixed Media: Beads, Woven Wire, German Ammunition Box circa 1937, Dyed Silk, and Found Objects

This piece captures the wartime experience of Samuel H. Fraerman’s parents, who waited anxiously for their son to return home. The ammunition box serves as a stage, while the wire acts as a metaphorical curtain or veil. “The hands stand in for the players: the mothers, the fathers, the wives and the children left behind,” Fraerman says.