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John Fortune, MD

Dr. John E. Fortune, an orthopaedic surgeon at Kaiser Permanente’s San Jose Medical Center in California, uses photography to connect with his patients. “I believe that exchanging views on non-medical topics helps us to forge a more trusting and respectful relationship,” he says. Many of his patients have problems related to their war injuries, including nonunions, malunions and chronic bone infections. “I have found these patients to be quite courageous in dealing with the pain and disability that has affected almost every aspect of their lives,” Dr. Fortune says. Advances in orthopaedics, such as the development of trauma fixation devices, have enabled him to shorten patients’ treatment time, make them more comfortable during the healing process, and help them to recover more rapidly from both the physical and the emotional aspects of their injury.


16 x 24 in.

Composite of Digital Images

An abstract figure bends forward, holding his head in his hands. The scene surrounding him is a compilation of emotionally charged images that represent grief, anguish, despair, sorrow and fear. The composite image graphically demonstrates the devastating physical and emotional consequences of injury and death.