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Laura Gehrig, MD

Dr. Laura Gehrig, who has cared for veterans, among other patients, for nearly 10 years, feels honored to help injured soldiers become whole again. “Feeling the wounds and scars of soldiers has taught me what it means to pay the highest price for our freedom,” she says. Dr. Gehrig, an orthopaedic surgeon in North Dakota, is grateful for recent medical advancements that have made it possible to rapidly care for the injured, save more limbs and manage soft tissue defects, including those that result from blast injuries and gunshot wounds to extremities. “New advancements in the delivery of antibiotics, external devices, such as vacuum packed dressings and external fixation methods to stabilize fractures, have allowed us to move beyond amputation to limb salvage,” Dr. Gehrig says.

Windmill of War

11 x 8 x 1 in.

Digital Photograph

Dr. Gehrig treated the soldier who uses this prosthesis after he had fractured his humerus, the bone that runs from the shoulder to the elbow. “He removed the prosthesis and placed it on the table. As he turned his device, it made me think the lives of soldiers are like windmills – ready to take action at the command of the wind, without question or inquiry,” Dr. Gehrig says.