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Anita Horton

Anita Horton created artwork about bones to represent her battle with osteoporosis. The artistic process helped her cope with the diagnosis and condition. “Not only did I learn about the human skeleton, I learned the medical vocabulary associated with the disease and became familiar with expressing my emotions and questions visually through the use of different mediums,” she says. Viewers, however, often thought the work was a reflection of war. “People saw the pieces as landmines and the soldiers as representative of the all brave soldiers who have lost their limbs in war,” Horton says. Seeing the similarities between those struggles and her own, she’s come to embrace that interpretation, too.


Torn Apart

36 x 240 in.

Mixed Media: Hydrocal Plaster

Horton used 15 large, plastic toy soldiers and deer bones she found in the woods, as well as bones from a medical school model, to create clay molds through which she poured plaster. Each one is unique. “When the plaster hardens, it is removed from the clay mold and the mold is destroyed,” Horton says.