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Peter Langan, MD

Dr. Peter Langan, a Mineola, N.Y.-based orthopaedic surgeon, served in the U.S. Navy with the 2nd Marine Division from 1971 to 1973, an experience that is still fresh in his mind more than 30 years later. He is well aware of the personal and professional sacrifices made by soldiers. When treating injured troops, “I try to reciprocate,” he says. Dr. Langan believes that research plays a big role in orthopaedic advancements, such as the development of rods and plates to stabilize fractures. But the most fundamental change has been the speed with which the wounded obtain care. “The military has done a great job in getting the hospital to the injured,” he says.

Naval Officer/Amputee 1973

24 x 48 in.

Oil on Canvas

Dr. Langan starting painting after a knee injury. This canvas shows a lieutenant commander, who has lost a leg, walking on crutches in his dress blues uniform.