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Alexandra Martin

Living in New York City during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and watching the twin towers of the World Trade Center crumble, profoundly altered Alexandra Martin’s work and life. “I live in constant readiness for another attack,” she says. “I now see things as fragments of their former selves. In fact, I haven’t made anything since then that isn’t broken in some way.” Martin had already been exposed to the negative consequences of war through her husband, a Vietnam veteran, who lived with post-traumatic stress for the rest of his life. “My husband’s suffering reinforced my view of people coming back from the war no longer whole, but rather in fragments of their former selves,” she says.


Fragment II

12 x 24 x 10 in.


When Martin created this sculpture, she was reflecting on the sacrifices made by soldiers serving in Iraq who had lost parts of themselves to mines and bombs. “This piece created itself. Originally a standing figure with arms reaching upward, it buckled and cracked on its own accord — clearly suffering with its limbs attached. He will never be made whole, I don’t think,” Martin says.


Fragments III

27 x 24 x 15 in.

Bonded Iron

Martin describes the figure in this piece as a noble creature. The limbs Martin created for him fell off one day, she says. “He is determined to make the best of his lot and is literally looking up, searching for something. Good or evil, he will handle it either way.”