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Ralph Mindicino

Ralph Mindicino lost his right leg to bone cancer when he was 14 years old. After his amputation, a Vietnam veteran who had lost a leg during the war visited Mindicino. “He encouraged me to have more faith in my own abilities and not be afraid to use crutches or an artificial leg,” he says. Mindicino, who has been an amputee for almost 35 years, finds it to be a continuous hardship that affects him both emotionally and physically. “I always think about this whenever I hear about those who are wounded in war,” he says.

Down Range

26 x 26 in.

Reverse Painted Acrylic on Hand Engraved Plexi

This piece conveys the perilous circumstances encountered by those in combat, as well as the costs of war wounds. “I attempt to show the effects of having one’s life altered forever, and it is my intention to draw the viewer to the image of the lone soldier in the foreground. The starkly empty street suggests the vulnerable and solitary nature of being a victim of a traumatic injury,” Mindicino says. “My use of color is unnaturally vibrant, creating the impression of a surreal setting that is contrary to what is normal,” he says.