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Andrew Reach

Andrew C. Reach began creating computer-generated art when it became too physically challenging for him to continue as an architect, due to the chronic pain from Scheuermann’s disease. This condition, which usually starts in adolescence, causes the vertebrae to grow unevenly, increasing the curvature of the upper spine. When Reach had two surgeries for progressive symptoms of this disease, the bravery of those wounded in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars inspired him and helped him overcome his own obstacles from the disease. Working with the Art Therapy Studio at Metrohealth Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, Reach and his life partner Bruce Baumwoll are developing a program to introduce computer graphics. From this pilot program, they hope to bring computers into the VA to help our wounded veterans to heal. Reach hopes his artwork will inspire them and others in difficult circumstances to overcome great obstacles, including the emotional pain induced by war. “Having my own orthopaedic condition and disability has tested me more than any experience in my life, especially my worth as a person,” he says.


March of Humanity

24 x 74 x 1.5 in.

Archival Inkjet Print on Paper

Reach created this print as a statement of hope for a better future without war. From the violent vortex of energy at the focal point of the image emerge peaceful beings, he calls “whimsies.” “Like musical notes in a symphony, they are reborn in brilliant colors. With freedom comes the ability of all of us to reach our greatest potential,” he says.