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Linda Rubin-Shayman

Linda Rubin Shayman’s personal experience with grief, during a time when several people close to her died, inspires her to paint about loss. “Art -- like grief -- is constantly layering, never finished, waiting for the next wave,” she says. Shayman expresses the loss experienced in war through her paintings, which she believes serve as a mirror for others to recognize their own inner feelings. “Grief for the souls that comes back to life on canvas is not that pretty,” she says.


Controlling Chaos

9 x 36 x 3.5 in.

Acrylics on Wood Box

A corpse, chakras and a heart are confined inside a rectangular box; these symbols are surrounded by layers and illusions representing the disintegration of the soul. “Grief tears at your soul. If you can control a bit of paint, maybe you can control a little piece of your soul… maybe not,” says Shayman.


Life Spiral

36 x 48 in

Acrylics on Canvas

The overlaying images in this painting, symbolic of souls, friends, relatives, death, suicide, children and elderly, are arranged in a circular pattern to represent the chaos of life in the abyss, says Shayman. “Grief is never ‘over,’ and these painting are never finished.”