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Stuart Shayman

After working as an architect for more than 25 years, Stuart D. Shayman broke his arm on a family trip. During his recovery, he started painting – resuming an activity he had given up soon after college. “Much of my work is based on the contrast of the natural and the man-made. They are landscapes unconstrained by gravity and convention – viewed from multiple vantage points and periods in time,” says Shayman. The contrast he saw between the reality of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly their injuries and recoveries, and that of most in America, where everyday life goes on, inspired him to create art about war. “While the treatments for the physical injuries have become more sophisticated, many of the injured have become invisible among us,” he says.



30 x 36 x 2.5 in.

Acrylic on Canvas

Three horizontal panels are joined vertically to create a whole. “I am interested in the structure of things: What holds them together? When they break, do they regenerate or repair? How does one make them functional again?” Shayman says. He believes the country would benefit from viewing soldiers the same way. “As tragic as their injuries are, I am amazed with the skill and technology used to put lives back together and inspired by the patients’ drive to lead normal lives.”