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Diane Taylor

Diane E. Taylor, a Long Beach, Calif., artist has worked as a scenic artist, decorator and set painter for the motion picture industry. She turns to subjects like war to provoke catharsis. “I find stories of war and the wounded to be painful and I sometimes paint about disturbing subjects for expression and relief,” Taylor says. She is also drawn to it in support of her brother, an orthopaedic surgeon and retired Army Colonel, and her father, a Marine who was injured in a foxhole during the Korean War. “Basically, I believe all our veterans and those still in service deserve the best medical care this world has to offer,” she says.


20 x 15 in.

Acrylic on Paper

A teardrop representing war washes over a cheek, and its color and sheen varies depending on the angle from which it is viewed. “Only a portion of the face is seen, so that the teardrop receives appropriate attention. I believe the face can represent any gender or race,” Taylor says.