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Michael Benevenia

Michael Benevenia’s family history was shaped by the wars of the 20th century. He is concerned that the men and women who have lost limbs in current conflicts will not only have to deal with the physical challenges of their disabilities, but also with society’s low regard for people with disabilities. Benevenia, who works in a number of different art media including sculpture, painting, photography and printmaking, has explored these feelings through his work. “I enjoy making art because it is a way for me to express certain ideas and emotions in visual ways that are difficult to express verbally,” he says.

Armageddon Revisited

60 x 72 in.

Acrylic, Oil and Collage on Paper

”The environment I am in is heavily desensitized by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” says Benevenia. He sees the same indifference to human life in our culture and has attempted to capture it in this piece, which features a human skeleton holding a gun to its head. At the far right is a hybrid of a nuclear warhead and the tree of life.