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Jeffrey Wolin

A professor of photography at Indiana University, Jeffrey A. Wolin has photographed and interviewed many who fought in the Vietnam War -- both American veterans and Vietnamese who fought for the South Vietnamese government and later joined the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN). “The war in Vietnam was a painful and divisive issue for my generation,” he says. “It is clear that the profound issues raised by Vietnam in our culture are in need of further exploration and discussion.” Wolin’s interviews with veterans, many who have suffered from severe injuries, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder, highlight the difficulties they face resuming a normal life. “As a society we tend to ignore the soldiers after they return from war with mental and physical trauma -- when they need care most,” says Wolin.


Hue Ngoc Tran

17 x 22 in.


Wolin photographed Lt. Col. Hue Ngoc Tran, a highly decorated South Vietnam war hero, in suburban Washington. In 1968, Tran commanded the Black Panther Company, Hac Bao, which fought alongside U.S. marine infantry units at the battle for Hue City during the first Tet Offensive. “The battle lasted 25 days. We fought using new tactics, in the street, block by block. I’m telling you this in a few words but in those days each minute, each second would last a long time,” Tran told Wolin during their interview.