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Booker T. Wright, MD

Patients who find the courage to meet the challenge of a devastating illness or injury inspire Dr. Booker T. Wright. So too do the service, commitment and bravery of soldiers. Recently retired from his orthopaedic practice, which included two years active duty in the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps, Wright now has more time to explore his experiences through drawing and painting. He has found art and medicine inform each other. “My experiences with human anatomy and function have provided me with deep appreciation of the human form, which translates into most of my artistic endeavors,” says Dr. Wright. “Often, I will exaggerate muscle definition or size to convey a feeling of power, or movement, or action.”



24 x 36 x .75 in.

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Three combat soldiers are frozen in time as an improvised explosive device detonates just ahead of their patrol. The image captures their commitment to duty at the moment of injury. One shocked soldier turns from the blast, another aims his gun ahead, and the third is engulfed in the flames, with the exception of his left foot.


After the Attack

36 x 40 x 1.5 in.

Oil on Linen Canvas

The early intervention of well-equipped medical teams and rapid transport to trauma centers has improved the ability of orthopaedic surgeons to save lives and limbs, says Dr. Wright. In this painting, a wounded civilian receives treatment from an army medical team while awaiting air evacuation.