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Hollie Benedik

“My brother and I grew up having a close connection,” says Hollie. “Since we are so close in age, we have experienced many things together over the past 22 years.” These photographic diptychs show the comparison of each siblings’ lifestyles in two completely different environments. “I have found a formal and meaningful connection between his photographs and my own.”

A Close Connection

10 x 20 in. each


When Hollie Benedik’s brother, Specialist Christopher Benedik, joined the U.S. Army in 2005 she had no idea it would strengthen their bond as siblings. The pair were living two completely different lives for the first time during Christopher’s deployment to Iraq. They exchanged pictures regularly and Hollie was able to see his life in the Army—the similarities and differences—which motivated her to create a photodocumentary to stay close with her brother and show a different perspective of soldiers in the war.