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David Bovill, MD

Dr. David Bovill, a general orthopaedic surgeon practicing with Kaiser Permanente in South Sacramento, Calif., was raised in an environment where art and science comingled. As such, he has expressed himself through sketches, watercolors and sculpture, among other mediums, from a young age. He is hopeful that art – both his and others – will inspire deeper public thought and dialogue about young service people and the trauma they face day-to-day in war. Dr. Bovill is aware that research and science will help, too. “I know that my life as an orthopaedic surgeon, especially in the field of trauma, has been made easier by advances in triage and treatment that have evolved, unfortunately, in great part, by the experiences of war,” Dr. Bovill says. “The most significant of those advancements are rapid triage, stabilization, transport and early definitive treatment.”

U.S. Marine Fantasy

30 x 24 x 1 in.

Acrylic on Canvas

This painting is dedicated to the son of a deceased friend of Dr. Bovill. His friend’s son joined the U.S. Marines after his father’s death. The intent of the piece ”is to emphasize the emotional and psychological trauma that combat causes, which can be aggravated by closed head injuries. Unlike a mangled extremity, these issues are often harder to recognize or treat,” Dr. Bovill believes.